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Grenier, A., Griffin, M., and McGrath, C. (2020). Aging and disability: The paradoxical positions of the chronological life course. In Aubrecht, K., Kelly, C. & Rice, C. (Eds.), The Aging/Disability Nexus (pp. 11-27). Vancouver: UBC Press.
Publication year: 2020

As the global population ages, disability demographics are shifting. Societal transformation and global health inequities have changed who is likely to reach old age, who is likely to live with disability, and the relationship between aging and disability in various socio-cultural and geopolitical contexts. The Aging–Disability Nexus breaks new ground by bringing gerontology and disability studies into dialogue. This thoughtful examination of competing narratives about disability and aging explores the distinction between aging with a disability and aging into disability, revealing how multiple identities, socio-economic forces, culture, and community give form to our experiences.

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