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Andrews, G. and Grenier, A. (2018). The ever-breaking wave of everyday life: animating ageing movement-space. In S. Katz (Ed.), Ageing and Everyday Life: Materialities and Embodiments. (66-82). Bristol: Policy Press.
Publication year: 2018

Older people move in cities, towns, across settings and in their homes and accommodations either in sync or out of sync with dominant flows, but certainly in their own unique ways. This chapter draws on Non-Representational Theory to think about how we might re-approach ageing movement in research and animate its happening. Specifically, it articulates five core facets or qualities of what might be termed ‘ageing movement-space’ that overflow conscious thought and action; rhythm and momentum, vitality and infectiousness, imminence and encounter. These, it is argued, might constitute key areas of a livelier social gerontology truer to the active world.

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