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Bourgeois-Guérin, V., Grenier, A., Bourgeois-Guérin, E., Sussman, T., & Rothwell, D. (2020). «Vieillir dans la rue»: Interprétations du temps par le aînés en situation d’itinérance [Aging on the Streets : The Importance of Time to Older People with Experiences of Homelessness]. Revue Québécoise de Psychologie, 41(2), 83-104.
Publication year: 2020

When the issues of homelessness intersect with the realities of aging, numerous and complex hardships may arise. These combined factors influence the interpretation of time of these homeless elderly individuals. This article stems from the qualitative results of a mixed methods research project. 40 semi-structured interviews were conducted with homeless people aged 46 or more. Results show their regrets, disillusion, and helplessness with regards to the past. They also highlight their focus on the present and that embeded in their view of the future are many challenges and sometimes hope, but only when considered outside of the streets.

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